Feels Like Home 

Finally got everything thing in it’s place. Added my own personal touches to make things warm and cozy.  It took a little bit to fall into a routine of where everything goes. 

Honey has gotten into her own routine too. She likes to lay where the sun comes in on her.

We are enjoying living in a small space. Someone ask me if was worried about getting claustrophobic. (Thank God for spell checker) I don’t not at all. Our home may only be 50 square feet, but seems larger. Darren and I have gotten used to it. We have had to learn to put things back in there place when we are done with them.  It is a lot easier to keep clean.  There are things we gave up as far as comfort goes with having a larger home, but it was worth to us to be able to experience life in different places and different ways.

Y’all stay tuned!!

God Bless,


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