One of our Favorite Places

After leaving Lemon Cove, California on Sunday morning, we drove and drove and drove some more (well Darren actually drove). When we crossed the desert in the edge of California and Arizona, the temperature was in the 120″s.  We were thankful for some cool air when we made it to Colorado.  We pulled into Silverton on Monday morning and the temperature was in the 40’s.  The highs were in the 70’s everyday we were there.  It was nice.

Silverton is one of our favorite places to visit. This is the third time we have been there.  It is  a very small town surrounded by mountains.  You have to travel over the mountain pass full of very sharp curves to get to it (or ride the train from Durango).

We walked through town and did some shopping.  It’s kind of like stepping back in time. There is so much history displayed everywhere. We ate at Handlebars twice. That is an interesting place. The walls are covered with memberlia and wild life.  The food is excellent.  We also tried a place we have never eaten before, The Grand Restuarant & Salloon. We didn’t belly up to the bar but the food and the hospitality were very good and we enjoyed listening to the piano player. 

We were on our way to visit the Museum but we got an excellent interruption. A distant cousin that I’ve never met before, drove over from Montrose (about 60 miles away) to meet us and have lunch with us. I have heard so many stories about them growing up and it was such a blessing to meet them and spend time with them. 

We are on the road now, headed to our next destination. Y’all stay tuned to see where this life in tow takes us next.

Live life and love on your family,


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