Out of the Box

ff4e28ee-e8b4-40d8-9d70-abd309b94e4d.jpgI can’t believe I’ve stepped out of my box and started making Youtube videos.  A year ago,  I would not have had the courage to talk on camera.  I really enjoy making videos and writing this blog.   I still have a lot to learn about videoing, editing and blogging, so y’all be patient.  They will get better as I learn. (I hope they will anyway)

I just posted two new videos, y’all be sure to check them out.


If you like them click on the thumbs up button below the video. Unknown.png

The subscribe button is below the video on the right.   If you want to see more of our videos you can subscribe to our youtube channel.images.png

Y’all please subscribe. I would love to see how many subscribers I can get.   I pray that I can be successful at this new adventure.  I pray that it will be inspiring,  uplifting, informational, encouraging, Motivating and sometimes funny.

Also, y’all can feel free to leave a comment on the youtube channel and the blog. Let us know what you would like for us to write about, what we can make a video about,  or if you have questions about our life .

I have a list of content that I am planning to make videos and blog about.   I hope that y’all will stay tuned and see what is to come.

Live Life and Love on your Family,



Fulltime RV Living Inspiration

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We are Darren and Christie Berry We sold our house in April of 2017 and moved into a 24 foot camper. We needed a little bit more room, so in January of 2019 we moved into a 37 foot Class A motorhome. Darren still works a conventional job so we are still tied tied down to the area. We travel as much as time will allow us to. Some people would say that we are homeless, but we have a home and it goes with us where ever we go.

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  1. Gaining confidence is a wonderful thing!
    I am way to shy to do YTV.. but I have heard of a lot of people doing video blogs.. and call um’ Vlogs.. From what I gather they are pretty popular..
    Wish you all the best!
    God Bless 🙂

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