Nifty Fifty


Wow, I can remember when my Mom turned fifty.  I can’t believe I’m turning fifty. Well, I can’t change it, so I might as well embrace it.  I’m just proud I made it to fifty.  I used to say I would never tell anyone my age when I got this old, but I actually feel proud of my age.  I feel pretty thankful when I look back at all the craziness called life lessons. lol 🙄👏🏻.  I have had a lot of them.

As I celebrate my fiftieth birthday this weekend, I will celebrate my life, the good the bad and the ugly.  (🎶 insert music from that movie here🎶).  I have made it through sickness, depression, loosing loved ones and so many bad decisions I have made over the years.   The Lord helped me through it all.  I am thankful for all of it because it has brought me where I am today, smarter and wiser.

I’ve been skinny, I’ve been fat. No wait, I don’t ever recall being skinny.🤔  I’ve always been a little on the plump side.  I have struggled with my appearance over the years, but I have learned to except myself the way I am. It’s how God made me.  I just have to take care of myself and stay healthy, so I can enjoy the next fifty years.


I will be a half of a century old (my husband reminds me of that every chance he gets).  I am ready for what the next century holds. I know that it will be better than the last!    😊images-1.jpeg

Y’all be sure to love the person God created you to be and strive to make everyday a new beginning. 🦋

Live Life and Love on your Family,



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