It’s Called Moochdocking

I had a fabulous birthday weekend. It was great spending it with friends. We kicked it off Friday night with a steak dinner at Good Ol Boys Restaurant. We enjoyed the fellowship with old friends. Darren laughed so hard his stomach muscles were sore. Saturday morning we stopped by the grocery store and picked up fixin’s for hamburgers and headed to the lake.  Oh and don’t forget the cake. “I bought my cake and ate it too!”  We took a boat ride and just enjoyed the day.


Sunday was actually my birthday.  We went to church and worshiped the Lord. It was an awesome service.  After church we moved the camper over to a friends driveway. They went out of town for the week. It’s what the full-time camping world calls Moochdocking! Lol.  We are hooked up to the power, water and sewage.


It’s a nice shady spot.   Even staying in a friends yard can be an adventure if you want it to be.   Our plans are up in the air about where we will camp next.  We may go back to Springvilla or we may go to Lake Point Campground in Eufaula.  We are undecided.  Y’all stay tuned to see where our life in tow takes us next.   Y’all get out there and make everyday an adventure.

Live Life and Love on your Family,


PS:  Y’all don’t forget to check out our YouTube Channel !

1 thought on “It’s Called Moochdocking

  1. God’s glorious Favor.

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