Cute Little Butterbean


We started out camping in a tent when the boys were little.  We enjoyed it then, but oh when we bought our first camper that was it. No more tent camping for us. (as a family anyway) . We still hiked with tents but not traveling.


So Darren went hunting with a friend and he calls me when he gets home to tell me to come home right away because he has a surprise for me. I get all excited and hurry home.   Well, when I get home, there is this filthy little tin can on wheels sitting in the driveway with a cardboard sign that says $3000. (No, that’s not a typo)  My mouth drops open because I can’t believe he paid THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS for that!  The first thing I said was, “Did you write a check for that? Let me call the bank and put a stop payment on it!”  I thought to myself, “This man has lost his mind”.   He and his friend bust into laughter.😅😂  They had added a zero to the cardboard sign that was on it.  He really only paid $300 for it.  The way it looked, $300 was still questionable.


This is NOT Butterbean but it looks exactly like this.

Darren intended for it to be for them to camp in when they were hunting.  The more I looked at it, beyond the dirt and grime, the more potential I saw. ( I’m a trash to treasure kind of girl. ) It had a full size bed, a small bunk bed and a closet. The stove and refrigerator worked great. We scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed some more. We painted and repaired. I made curtains and recovered the seat cushions. We added a porta potty.  We trashed the mattress on the bed and replaced it with a futon mattress. It was the perfect size.  When we finished, she shined and we named her “Butterbean.”

butterbean.jpgThis is the only picture I could find of Butterbean.

We made some great memories in Butterbean.  She was a 1960 something teardrop travel trailer.   Our first trip out  was to WindCreek State Park on Lake Martin in Alexander City, Al.   A storm came in and we were dry.  Darren sat at the table while I cooked stir fry and he watched out the window as  the couple in the next campsite were trying to hold their tent down to keep it from blowing away. They were soaking wet and looked miserable.  We have owned a camper since.

I wish I would have taken before and after pictures of Butterbean.  We really only took one that I can find anyway.  She was our first camper and she sparked our passion for RV living.  She went all the way to Tennessee and Colorado on trips with us.

Y’all let us know in the comment section about your first camper or camping experience. We would love to here about it.

Make everyday an adventure and be sure to live life and love on your family,



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We are Darren and Christie Berry We sold our house in April of 2017 and moved into a 24 foot camper. We needed a little bit more room, so in January of 2019 we moved into a 37 foot Class A motorhome. Darren still works a conventional job so we are still tied tied down to the area. We travel as much as time will allow us to. Some people would say that we are homeless, but we have a home and it goes with us where ever we go.

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