Messy Pantry

Living in a small space can be challenging at times.  If you don't put things back where they belong.  Things can get messy really quick.  It seems to be a constant reorganizing of cabinets. Before we left for our trip to California, I pulled everything out of the pantry and reorganized it.  It was so neat and clean and I could find everything, now it is a total mess.


This is from being in a hurry and just sticking in there. I can't find anything, it's definitely time to do it again. I can't find anything in there. If you don't put it back where it goes, it ends up in a mess. It is not only this cabinet, it is all of them. They need to be organized at least once a month or so.
Living in a 50 square foot space, you have to keep things organized or you won't have a place to put anything. Sometimes it's hard to find places for new things. We have something in every nook and cranny. It is completely full.



I cleaned it out and organized it put everything back into the labeled bins.  Now I have to go to the grocery store and fill it back up again. I will probably reorganize some as I fill it up.  It's a never ending chore.

When I grocery shop I make a list and make sure that I  have a place to put everything especially in the refrigerator.

For  example,  I buy  two half gallons of milk because they fit in the door of the frig and that gives me more space inside where a gallon jug would go.


I also purged and reorganized my autumn.  It was a complete mess. I was having to rearrange things to get the lid to close.  It had become my junk 👆🏼catcher.  My goal is to keep it this way.

We were shopping the other day and I wanted to buy something and Darren asked me, what are you going to get rid of to make room for it. I put it back because I didn't know what I could get rid of.   At least we save money that way.  It really makes you stop and think about what you are buying.  I have started asking myself these questions when I'm shopping.

  • Do I really need it?
  • Do I have a place to put it?
  • What can I get rid of to make a place for it?

Darren is kind of OCD when it comes to clutter.  He doesn't like things laying all over the place. I have gotten that way too since we moved into the camper. I guess that's why my cabinets get so messy, we just stick things in there to get it off the counter. LOL .   In a small space clutter makes it fill even smaller.

I have to be honest with you, before we moved into the camper I didn't care if my cabinets were junky or not. I would just stick stuff anywhere. I would stick it in a cabinet to make the house look picked up and clean.  I have never been an organized person.  Darren and I would argue about the messy cabinets and other messy places like laundry piled in baskets. (that's a story for another day.)   Moving into the camper has changed me for the better.  I'm still not completely organized but I'm working on it.  I can keep up with things so much easier and I don't get stressed out about the house.  I am loving this life and all these changes so much. My only regret is that we didn't do it sooner.

If y'all have any tips about organizing your life,  be sure to comment.   I would love to here them.

Live Life and Love on your Family,


Fulltime RV Living Living in a Small Space

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We are Darren and Christie Berry We sold our house in April of 2017 and moved into a 24 foot camper. We needed a little bit more room, so in January of 2019 we moved into a 37 foot Class A motorhome. Darren still works a conventional job so we are still tied tied down to the area. We travel as much as time will allow us to. Some people would say that we are homeless, but we have a home and it goes with us where ever we go.

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