Just a Few Improvements

Hello y’all.  Last week was a busy week for both of us. Darren worked late most of the week and I shopped for some inexpensive storage solutions and ways to improve our home.  It was a crazy and I didn’t get chance to post a blog.

I thought I would share a few improvements we did over the weekend.  We are constantly trying to improve our living space to make it more comfortable and inviting.  We are constantly adding to our list of things we want to do to make it better. (Our list is way to long 🗒)

  • The first thing we did was add a power outlet (just for charging phones and laptops) to the sofa table. img_2019.jpgOne thing I have found in most RV’s is that there is rarely an outlet where you need one.  Adding an outlet here 👆🏼 makes it so much easier for me to sit and use my devices while they are charging.  This is definitely an improvement. (Thank you Sweet Husband, you are so handy👏🏻)
  • The next thing we did was repair the saggy seat on our sofa. It has gotten really uncomfortable.   It has straps that wrap around the frame.  (They look like packing straps that are used to ship boxes)  Some of them have broken which caused the seat to sag.   The rest of the sofa is still in great shape.  This is what we did to repair it. saggy seat.jpg
    • We took two old flatten bed pillows and stuffed them between the foam padding and frame for more padding.
    • We took heavy-duty zip ties and wrapped them from front to back where the broken straps were.
    • We took a ratchet strap and wrapped it around the frame on each end and tightened it.  We sat on it and loosened the strap till it was comfortable.  sofa repair.jpgNow the seat is firm and comfortable.  It will last a good while before we need to replace it.
      firm sofa seat.jpg
  • Another improvement was a window valance for the kitchen window.  A few months ago we took the box valance down to make room for the space saver coffee maker.   The window has been naked ever since. It looked BLAH😕.  I have struggled with what I should do to it.🤔  This is what I finally came up with.  img_2020.jpgI hand sewed a hexagon valance and attached it with velcro.  I am proud of it. It turned out good. ( I will do a blog on sewing projects and explain how I sewed it).  It adds color to that area and dresses up the window.  I made it narrow so that it wouldn’t the block light coming through the window.  The box valance that was there before blocked a lot of light and made the space darker.

That was just a few improvements. We have made a lot of them since we bought our camper in 2015 and we will be making more.  I am going to do a camper tour video for our YouTube channel , so y’all be looking for it.   Back in June while we were in California, we met the Phoenix Ramblers and they did a camper tour of our camper on their channel.  That was fun.

We are preparing for another long trip in September. We will only be gone for about twelve days but it will be a long drive.  I don’t want to tell you where we are going yet, but I will give you a hint.  🏹🦌🐻🏔.   Can you guess from the emoji’s where we are going?  Leave a comment.   We would love hear from you.

Y’all be sure to make everyday an adventure

and live life and love on your family,



Fulltime RV Living Living in a Small Space

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We are Darren and Christie Berry and we sold our home to live in an unconventional way. We live in a 24 foot travel trailer with our two dogs, Honey and Mable and we could not be happier. Darren still works a conventional job so we can’t travel far on week days, but the weekend and vacations are coming! Christie is a homemaker and works hard to make our tiny home cozy and inviting.

Darren enjoys fishing, kayaking, hiking and carving.

Christie enjoys, sewing, kayaking and hiking.

Honey and Mable, well they enjoy eating, being lazy and sleeping.

We love our Lord Jesus Christ and we know that we could not enjoy this adventure without Him! We are truly blessed beyond measure.

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