Bears in the Camp

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. We are enjoying our adventure in Colorado.   We are here in Blue Spruce Campground in Vallecito.   Darren has been getting up before daylight every morning and driving up the mountain to hunt. I’ve been hanging out at the campground and enjoying the weather.

He shot an elk on Monday and looked for him but didn’t find it.  He did find part of his arrow though.  He was so disappointed. P9060019.JPGP9060021.JPGP9050002.JPG

I got out this morning to give the dogs a walk and what do I see,  a big pile of bear poop🐻💩.   It was right next to the fire pit close to our front door.  There were also tracks.  Don’t worry I didn’t take a picture of it.  The neighbor across from us has been here a while and said that they come down the path behind our camper all the time.  We are trying to keep everything picked up outside.  IMG_3674.JPGDarren says the blue lights on our awning will keep them away.  I hope so!

We will leave here tomorrow (Thursday) and head up the mountain to camp up on the mountain.  Our friends will be here by then. Can’t wait.

I posted a Youtube video, y’all be sure to check it out on our channel.


live life and Love on your Family,


Fulltime RV Living

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We are Darren and Christie Berry and we sold our home to live in an unconventional way. We live in a 24 foot travel trailer with our two dogs, Honey and Mable and we could not be happier. Darren still works a conventional job so we can’t travel far on week days, but the weekend and vacations are coming! Christie is a homemaker and works hard to make our tiny home cozy and inviting.

Darren enjoys fishing, kayaking, hiking and carving.

Christie enjoys, sewing, kayaking and hiking.

Honey and Mable, well they enjoy eating, being lazy and sleeping.

We love our Lord Jesus Christ and we know that we could not enjoy this adventure without Him! We are truly blessed beyond measure.

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