Where Have We Been

Hey y’all !   It has been a long while since I posted a blog.  I have just been trying to catch up with life.  It has been crazy for me these days.  We hurried back from our Colorado trip in September to make it to a funeral of a close friend.  My ninety-two year old Aunt fell and broke her hip and we have had to put her in a nursing home.  I also got to meet my sister for the first time that I never knew I had.   Darren has been working a lot these days so that’s where we’ve been.

We did take the time to decorate our camper for fall. 22045634_337515780030340_3487726255780963718_n

Darren made this lamp-post.  I love it!  I made the signs for it.



We packed up and went to Cotton Hill Campground in Fort Gains, GA for the weekend. It was so relaxing.   A bunch of friends camped with us and we sat around the fire and watched the football game on TV.  (Auburn vs Georgia).   Darren cooked over the fire, homemade Brunswick stew yum yum.


It was a fun little get away for the weekend.  It just didn’t last long enough though. We didn’t want to come back to Springvilla on Sunday.

I will be starting a new business adventure selling Paparazzi Jewelry.   I am so excited.  I will be doing Facebook Live Parties when I get my inventory in.  Y’all stay tuned on Facebook.  Check out my Website paparazziaccessories.com/114074 


I hope to start posting  a blog at least once a week.   So y’all stay tuned ….


Live Life and Love on you Family,



Fulltime RV Living

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We are Darren and Christie Berry and we sold our home to live in an unconventional way. We live in a 24 foot travel trailer with our two dogs, Honey and Mable and we could not be happier. Darren still works a conventional job so we can’t travel far on week days, but the weekend and vacations are coming! Christie is a homemaker and works hard to make our tiny home cozy and inviting.

Darren enjoys fishing, kayaking, hiking and carving.

Christie enjoys, sewing, kayaking and hiking.

Honey and Mable, well they enjoy eating, being lazy and sleeping.

We love our Lord Jesus Christ and we know that we could not enjoy this adventure without Him! We are truly blessed beyond measure.

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  1. Hey, Glad y’all are doing well. We hope to meet up with y’all when we come through your area in the spring. Go Tigers !
    Bobby and Sharon
    The Phoenix Ramblers

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